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Softisun, is a part of the Richbond Group. Established in 1965 in Morocco, Richbond has earned acclaim as an industry leader in fabric , mattresses and forniture products innovation, manufacturing, and sales.

At Softisun, we specialize in offering a diverse range of premium outdoor fabrics, showcasing our dedication to providing top-tier quality and durability for all your outdoor needs.
1 Water Repellent : for outdoor use in any weather.
2 Recyclable Fabric : eco-friendly, made from recyclable materials.
3 High light Fastness Scale : Maintains vibrant colors even under direct sunlight.
Softisun our company
Softisun, a fabric factory specializing in yarn manufacturing, encompasses the processes of weaving, knitting, and finishing. The weaving division has been in existence since 1980, and its primary products include extrusion and yarn production, mattress ticking fabrics, upholstery fabrics, Technical Use Textiles (TUT), and knits.

To ensure efficient production, the factory employs various machines such as extrusion machines, looms, knitting machines, and finishing equipment. Production capacities vary depending on the products, ranging from 1000 tons/year for synthetic yarn to millions of meters for weaves and knits.

The factory operates on multiple production lines dedicated to each type of product. The manufacturing processes begin with raw material sourcing, followed by yarn production, weaving or knitting, finishing, quality control, labeling, packaging, and finally, shipping.
Softisun our company
With a team of 132 employees, the factory covers an area of 13,000 m². It relies on optimization methods such as the 5S principles, Kaizen, and Lean manufacturing. Additionally, a real-time monitoring system named Datalog enables precise tracking of each machine's performance. The factory is also equipped with an Oracle JDE ERP for accurate production stage monitoring.

Quality management is ensured by ISO9001 certification, and a quality management system called SIMALEAN for corrective action tracking. The factory has an internal laboratory equipped for quality control of fabrics and yarns, adhering to ecological standards such as OEKO-TEX and REACH.

Regarding minimum quantities, they vary depending on the products, ranging from 150 meters for upholstery to 500 meters for mattress ticking and knits.

In terms of future outlook, the factory plans to invest in weaving machines for technical fabrics, blackout curtain fabrics, and Flock fabrics. Significant development is also underway for the launch of an OUTDOOR fabric range. These initiatives aim to increase revenue and strengthen the presence in the international market with specific and innovative products.
Softisun our company
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