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The Softisun Business area

Discover a world of premium outdoor fabrics. Explore our dedication to quality, safety, and innovative design solutions crafted to enhance your outdoor space.

Trust Softisun to elevate your outdoor living experience.

International Expansion

We take pride in our gradual expansion on the international scale. By choosing to work with us, you have the opportunity to collaborate with a global supplier.
We are ready to take on new challenges and establish strong partnerships worldwide.
We hope these points highlight the reasons why you should choose our industrial group. We are committed to working closely with major retailers worldwide, firmly believing in creating value for all our customers.

Expertise and Quality

Softisun possesses in-depth expertise in manufacturing outdoor fabrics and furniture. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to providing you with tailor-made solutions to meet your specific outdoor fabric needs.
Whether it's our outdoor fabrics or outdoor furniture, Softisun is committed to offering you durable, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing products.
You can rely on our craftsmanship to create high-quality outdoor fabric products that meet your expectations.

Standards and Safety

We understand the importance of safety in all aspects of our production. Our products adhere to the strictest international standards, providing you with peace of mind. Every item we manufacture undergoes rigorous checks to ensure safe and reliable use.

Efficient Supply Chain

We recognize that logistic efficiency is essential for customer satisfaction. Thanks to our robust infrastructure and extensive transportation network, we can assure you of fast and reliable delivery of our products, wherever you are. Ideally located at the gateway to Europe, we can deliver our products within just a few days. Our logistics team works diligently to ensure your orders arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Our Designers

Our creators are passionate minds dedicated to exploring interior design, product design, and architecture. Their carefully crafted creations reflect their passion for aesthetics and their desire to address multiple aspects of daily life. They bring different perspectives to design, combining innovation and functionality to create unique experiences. Their work is a source of inspiration that enriches our world and transforms the way we live.

Private Label

SOFTISUN offers a comprehensive range of services, from product design to production, storage, delivery, and marketing support.
The SOFTISUN product development team is ready to design fabrics, chair cushions, sun lounge cushions, and cushions, bearing your brand or a selection of brands.

If your existing product line needs expansion, our product development team can collaborate with you to create the best additions that serve your business well, covering all price points, from products offering excellent value for money to premium high-quality products.